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Night Life in Singapore
Night Dining in Singapore

Night Dining

Life begins in many quarters of Singapore as night proceeds. Since eating is the national past time of the country, the place gives you innumerable options to satisfy your hunger even if you come at an odd time. There are many eating joints in Singapore which keep open till midnight.

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Night Attractions in Singapore

Night Attractions

Besides fun at night clubs and night shopping, Singapore has many other attractions which are specially meant for night. You may visit these places during daytime too but visiting them at night gives a different feel and high.

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Night Spots in Singapore

Night Spots

As night falls and the city of Singapore transforms into a buzzing network of bars and nightclubs, you can not believe that it is the same business hub which you were in during daytime. Nightlife in Singapore enables you see the most elegant executives and earnest students tuning in to the sound of jazz swinging and enjoying bar-hopping.

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Night Shopping in Singapore

Night Shopping

To get into the skin of the lion city, you should experience the nightlife of the city and shopping adds more fun to the night. Since shopping in Singapore is not limited by hours, night shopping is more fun. Late night shopping was initiated during the time of Great Singapore Sale.

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Night Safari in Singapore

Night Safari

Singapore boasts having the first wildlife park of the world with more than 1000 nocturnal animals. Out of 120 species present here, 29 % are the threatened species and viewing them openly during night amidst 40 hectares of dense secondary forest gives a thrill to the visitors.

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