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Around Singapore > Museums in Singapore

Museums in Singapore

Just as the city of Singapore gives different opportunities to enjoy, it also offers you a long list of museums which not only depicts of the glorious past of the place but also showcases the current talents and achievements.

National Museums

Asian Civilisation Museum

As listed in the National Heritage Board, Asian Civilization Museum is one of the National Museums of Singapore. With themed galleries displaying over 1300 artifacts the museum showcases things from historic period and recent times.

National Museum of Singapore

Built in 1849, the National Museum of Singapore is the oldest museums of Singapore. Through artifacts and other information it depicts the history from the 14th Century to its final formation. From cuisine to fashion and films, the museum includes the entire cultural history of the city.

Peranakan Museum

Specializing in and exploring the Peranakan culture in Singapore, this sister museum to the Asian Civilisation Museum is first of its kind in the world. With ten permanent galleries which showcase the main themes of Peranakan life, the museum was officially opened on April 25, 2008.

Singapore Art Museum (SAM)

Opened in 1996, it is first international-art museum which mainly deals in Singaporean and Southeast Asian works of art. The galleries of this museum are decorated with paintings, sculptures, and Masterpieces from Guggenheim Museum and works of Leonardo da Vinci. It also has works of local artists like Chen Chong Swee, Georgette Chen, Huang Yao, Liu Kang and Lim Tze Peng, Chen Chong Swee, Fan Chang Tien, Lim Tze Peng and Chen Wen Hsi.

Other museums and heritages institutions

Apart from the national museums, Singapore has many other museums showcasing the vast history and rich heritage of the place.

Changi Museum

Drawings, letters, photographs and other personal effects in the Changi Museum depicts the agony of the period of the Japanese Occupation. Documenting the significant events of the Japanese Occupation at period, this museum acts as a good resource centre and educational institute as well.

Chinatown Heritage Center

Situated on the Pagoda Street, this heritage center holds a huge wealth of past memories. Informing in depth the history of Chinatown and the lifestyle of people, the museum is open from nine to eight from Monday to Sunday.

A list of museum and heritage institutions is given as under:
  • Baba House (National University of Singapore)
  • NUS Museum (National University of Singapore)
  • Nei Xue Tang Museum
  • Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research (National University of Singapore)
  • The Republic of Singapore Navy Museum
  • Singapore Philatelic Museum (SPM)
  • Sports Museum
  • Civil Defence Heritage Gallery
  • Heritage Conservation Centre {HCC)
  • National Archives of Singapore (NAS)
  • Police Heritage Centre
  • Singapore City Gallery (URA)
  • Singapore Discovery Centre
  • Science Centre, Singapore
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