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Singapore Guide > Transportation in Singapore

Transportation in Singapore

The public transport system of Singapore is so modern and well-developed that it has become one of the most preferred and easiest city of Asian continents to get around. From public transport to private taxis you can choose what suits best to your pocket. Most of the vehicles are air-conditioned and maintained properly.

Public Transport

Offering clean and most ultra-modern public transport system, Singapore government has built the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) rail system which extends north-south and east-west. Trains are available from 0530 to 0030 daily at an interval of every 3 to 6 minutes.

Available from Monday to Friday (0730 to 1830), Singapore also offers the Light Rapid Transit System operated by MRT. Trains under this system run every 3 to 5 minutes. To make your traveling easy you can buy TransitLink Guide from MRT ticket offices which provides listing of all bus and MRT rail routes along with maps showing the surrounding areas. You can also take help from TransitLink Hotline (tele: 1 800 225 5663) to meet all the transport needs. However this service is not available during the public holidays.

For operating bus system there is the Singapore Bus Service (SBS; tele: 1 800 22505663; website: www.sbstransit.com.sg) and SMRT Buses (tele: 1 800 336 8900; website: www.smrtbuses.com.sg). It is an excellent online resource to provide a route planner. While SBS buses run from 0600 to 2400, there runs the BusPlus service to shuttle the passengers between residential areas and MRT stations during peak hours. Traveling in night too is easy in Singapore as SMRT Buses run NightRider buses on limited route until around 0400.


Singapore has more than 15,000 cheap, metered, safe and air-conditioned taxis available 24 hours daily on the streets or at well-marked stands. However, during peak hours they are difficult to find especially in the Central Business District (CBD) and during a downpour. You do not have to tip the taxi drivers but the fare includes a number of surcharges like advance fees, toll fees during peak hours. Major taxi firms are CityCab, Comfort and SMRT Taxis.

Driving in the City

With Electronic Road Pricing Scheme (ERP), driving is very easy in Singapore as traffic moves quite smoothly and most people drive in lanes. To relieve the congestion on busy roads and expressways, the government of Singapore levies various tolls while you drive especially rush time. Talking on mobile while driving is illegal and treated seriously with fines and even jail term. Since the government controls private cars by the restrictive licensing system, minimal traffic is seen in Singapore. Parking is cheap and easy; you have to pay cash at some places while others require parking coupons.

Car Hire

While hiring a car you must ensure that the person on the driving seat has a valid national driving license. However an International Driving Permit (IDP) is preferred and an IDP becomes mandatory if the license is not in English. Drivers need to have the passport and credit card to hire a car. You should be 25 years in age and must have a minimum third-party insurance which is extendable to cover Malaysia also.

Bicycle Hire

You can enjoy bicycle ride but they are restricted to public parks. You can hire them from the various outlets in the park. East Coast Park is the popular venue for such adventure.

International Links

Singapore is a popular tourist destination and before planning a trip to Singapore, you need to do some research so that you can enjoy the trip to the fullest. Knowing how to reach there efficiently is an important step in any holiday plan. There are many options to reach Singapore the city of gardens as the place is very well connected to the whole world by air, water and road transport. Since each option has its own advantages and disadvantages, you should select that which suits best according to your budget and preference.

By Air

Changi Airport of Singapore is the most outstanding airport in the world, so it is a pleasure for people to land at this amazing place. Moreover, air travel is the most convenient option for the international travelers. All continents like Asia, Europe, the US and other countries have regular direct flights for Singapore. Some airlines from the Southeast-Asian countries also offer cheap and comfortable flights.

By Train

There is a regular and convenient train service from Malaysia to Singapore. So, people who live in north of Singapore in Malaysia or Thailand and wish to save money on airplane ticket can select train service.

By Sea

Around Singapore, there are several islands that provide you regular ferry service into the Singapore ferry terminal. Therefore, ferry can be a good option for you if you stay in South-east Asia; more so if you live in Indonesia or Malaysia.

By Car or Bus

Singapore Government has made great efforts to maintain the wide and clean roads in the entire island. If you come from Malaysia, then it is a sheer pleasure to mark your entry by car and enjoy driving on the sprawling roads of Singapore. Remember that entry by car means you have to pay a hefty fee and it can be difficult to navigate roads on your own. However, it is recommended to hire a driver or bus to travel via road.
Once you make sure which mode of transport is best for you, pack your bags and gear up for an amazing stay at one of the most sought-after tourist destinations!!
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