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Night Life in Singapore > Night Safari in Singapore

Night Safari in Singapore

Singapore boasts having the first wildlife park of the world with more than 1000 nocturnal animals. Out of 120 species present here, 29 % are the threatened species and viewing them openly during night amidst 40 hectares of dense secondary forest gives a thrill to the visitors. Divided into eight geographical zones, offering so many fun and adventurous activities, this Night Safari has been the winner of Singapore Tourism Awards’ Leisure Attraction of the Year since its inauguration in 1994.

Attractions at Night Safari

Bornean Tribal Performance

While visiting Singaporean Wildlife Park, people gear up to be exhilarated by the dance performance by the Thumbuakar Tribe, hailing from the rainforests of Borneo. Combined with acrobatic acts, blowpipe demonstrations and fire-eating displays the show is worth watching.

However, due to some unavoidable reasons, all the cultural performances have been put to a freeze and will remain so until a fresh notice comes. There are many other attractions too the Night Safari offers.

Tram Ride

It really feels adventurous and thrilling to take a 45-minute 3.2 km tram ride along two loops – East and West - and catch endearing antics of elephants, rhinos, giraffes, lions, tapirs and tigers along with a large variety of colorful birds. Since the creatures are largely unmindful to the visitors’ presence due to the shadowy half-light setting, it becomes quite safe and easy to watch them.

Creatures of the night show

Get ready to enjoy the 30-minutes of heart-winning non-stop action at the Amphitheatre that features an interactive format to make you feel an active part of the show. For the first time in life, welcome the star cast of wild animals like binturongs, otters, raccoons, owls, wolves, hyenas and servals. Ranging from their predatory to survival skills, the show demonstrates the behaviour and incredible learning abilities of the animals. Seats are available on “first come first serve basis” so be quick to grab the seat.

Walking Trails

Instead of riding the tram, you can venture on a brisk stroll along the spooky Mangrove Walk, or explore the Safari Park on foot via any of three walking trails: the Fishing Cat Trail, the Leopard Trail or the Forest Giants Trail. While walking, arboreal flying squirrels, gliding in midair are sure to give you a thrill!

Eating out at Night Safari

With many different types of dining joints, eating is not at all a problem at Night Safari. For corporate and incentive functions there is Gourmet Safari Express which serves dinner on a specially decorated tram and you enjoy it around the lush green forests. The 6oo-seater signature restaurant offers an array of international as well as local cuisines. Night Safari’s 600-seater signature, Ulu Ulu Restaurant offers an extensive array of local favourites. Then there is Ben & Jerry’s famous scoop shop for ice creams and stylish Bongo Burgers for variety of burgers.

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