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Night Life in Singapore > Night Dining in Singapore

Night Dining in Singapore

Life begins in many quarters of Singapore as night proceeds. Since eating is the national past time of the country, the place gives you innumerable options to satisfy your hunger even if you come at an odd time. There are many eating joints in Singapore which keep open till midnight. Some of the restaurants and coffee houses are open till even wee hours of morning.

Hawker Centres

Night is no fun if you remain hungry. To satisfy your hunger, there are many hawker centres which offer you delicious food till late in night.
  • East Coast Lagoon Food Village
  • Geylang Serai Market
  • Gluttonís Bay
  • Lau Pa Sat Festival Market
  • Newton Food Centre
Restaurants and cafes

Like the centres, Singapore has many restaurants and cafes which most of the time keep open to supply you food and make you relaxed.
  • Aurum
  • Brewerkz
  • Coffee Club
  • Equinox Restaurant
  • Highlander
  • IndoChine Waterfront

Drinks are quite costly in Singapore. So to enjoy the heavy discount over the drinks, you should reach there at the happy hours. You can also have one-for-one offer at that time. Bars which are open till late are
  • Da Paolo Pizza Bar
  • Aria Bistro and Wine Bar
Ladies too are not left behind in Singapore. There are some bars in the city which have made Wednesday exclusively for ladies. Even the bars provide you with some heavy filling items like finger food. Some of the bars offer you items like chips, fish and spring rolls. Some trendier restaurants can even provide you with special items like sushi or teppanyanki.

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