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Singapore Guide > Communications in Singapore

Communications in Singapore

When you land at a place for the first time, then the first things comes to mind is “how to communicate with people”. Singapore has a very diverse and cosmopolitan society consisting three main ethnic groups – Chinese, Malay and Indian. Most people here speak English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil. English being the interlanguage is spoken by all. Since it is often used in administration and government, people do not face any trouble while conducting business meeting or during daily communication.

Though language is not much of a problem is Singapore, you have to be delicate while in verbal communication. Be subtle and considered when you talk to Singaporeans. You should never answer a question hastily or it may cause offense in Singapore.

Take notice of body language

In Singapore a lot of importance is placed on body language. People generally take note of the gestures you make while communicating. So be mindful about placing your hands when talking. Do not show any sign of aggression or disrespect in your body language.

Elders and seniors are treated with great respect and care in Singapore. When greeting many people at a time, remember to acknowledge the most elderly and senior person present first.

Making phone calls

If you have to make an IDD call, you can do so using many cards and credit card phones located at post offices and other such places in the city. Denominations of S$2, S$5, S$10, S$20, and S$50 are available in phone cards also.

Although there is no city code for Singapore; the country code is 65.

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