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Shopping in Singapore > Shopping Tips

Shopping Tips

Though Singapore is called a shopper’s paradise, the visitors are advised and suggested some tips before they go shopping.


Make sure what you want to buy and make your budget accordingly. Do not just purchase a thing you like at the first shop. If possible, compare prices in advance to get the best deal.

Check Before Buying

Before buying any electric appliance for your home, ensure that it matches with your home voltage. In Singapore, the voltage is from 220 to 240 volts AC, 50 cycles per second. Care should be taken while purchasing mobile phones also.

Once the product is handed over to you, check it properly before leaving the shop. You must ensure all attachments and accessories are in the product-box. If you find anything missing, change it at once.

Check for Warranty

The warranty offered in the product should be valid in your homeland also. Since an international warranty is not standard, you are advised to check out for its limitations and restrictions.

The correct serial number should be mentioned in the warranty card and invoice; and it should be endorsed properly by the retailer.

Ask for Receipt

Do not forget to ask for a valid receipt, bearing all the essential information and keep it safe with you for future use.

Goods & Service Tax Refund

If you are a tourist in Singapore and you purchase for over SGD $100, then you might be eligible for tax refund of your purchase. The shop should have GST Tax free shopping sign, so check for it. Ask the retailer for a Goods and Service Tax (GST) form and verify it yourself too. Your receipt must bear correct stamp and dealers’ signature. Later show the purchases and receipts to the custom officials at Changi Airport.

It is necessary to follow certain shopping tips if you do not want to be cheated and want the best price for your things. It is a real stress-buster for many but if not done carefully it can be a real tension.
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