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Food & Cuisines > Singaporean Cuisine and Food

Singaporean Cuisine and Food

The place is not only famous for its beautiful locales and wide roads but the mouth-watering delicacies of Singapore bear a strong influence of the ethnic diversity of the nation. It is a place where you get a good blend of many cultures, so cuisines too served here is either the local ethnic dishes or delicacies from the other parts of the world.

Offering thousands of restaurants and eateries, Singapore is ready to spoil you with food of your choice – be it Indian, Chinese, European or even Mongolian and Indonesian. Though food preparations from different regions may have the original names but they are mostly transformed into a Singaporean delicacy. Read out for food choices available in Singapore and have fun while you are here!

Bak kut the
Famous among the tourists, it is the pork rib soup flavoured with garlic and Chinese herbs. This rich brown soup just feels tasty with rice or bread.Food centre at Hong Lim Square is known for this soup

Chai Tow Kueh
Prepared from rice flour and white radish, this dish is also known as “fried carrot cake” in Southeast Asian countries. Singaporeans cut it into pieces and then fry with soy sauce, eggs, garlic and spring onions. Dried shrimp is often added to this.

Char Kway Teow
Popular amongst Singaporeans, Char Kway Teow is a tasty noodle like dish. Generally served in hawker centres like Newton Hawker Centre, this delicacy is rich in taste but pretty oily. So those cautious about their weight and figure must think twice before trying.

Chicken Rice
Hainanese chicken rice is one of those popular Chinese cuisines from Singapore. Available with most local hawker stall, this rice is easy-to-find and quite cheap.

Chilli Crab
These hard shell crabs cooked in a thick tomato and chili-based gravy make a good meal for those who love experimenting with sea-food.

Fish Head Curry
A dish with Chinese and Indian roots, in which the head of Red fish (an Ikan Merah) is semi-stewed in a thick curry of vegetables like okra and brinjals. The dish is usually served with rice or bread. To give a sweet-sour taste, tamarind juice is sometimes added to the preparation.

Hainanese Chicken Rice
A popular Chinese cuisine and a primary specialty in Singapore, Hainanese chicken rice is mostly available with most local hawker stall. Often called as the “national dish”, it is served at most of the occasions. Even Singapore Airlines flights also serve it as one of the local dishes.

Kaya Toast
Kaya is a jam made from eggs, sugar and coconut milk, sometimes green or caramel in color. It tastes excellent with bread toasted over charcoal and buttered, named as kaya toast - a popular breakfast with Singaporeans. For a more traditional breakfast, add soft boiled eggs and sprinkle pepper and dark soy sauce over it.

Originally from peranakan culture, Laksa is a popular spicy noodle soup. Also known as Baba and Nyonga, it comes in two types – curry laksa, noodles served in coconut curry soup and; assam laksa, which is served in sour fish soup.

Tossed in a spicy peanut-and-shrimp paste, it is a salad of bean sprouts, fried bean cake, pineapple, and. white turnip.

Roti Prata
It is a Muslim-Indian dish, extremely popular for breakfast. Enjoyed by all Singaporean, this dish is available in many variations including, cheese, chocolate, durian, egg and even ice cream.

Satay is an Indonesian and Malaysian dish which consists of grilled food on a skewer (mostly meat, chicken or mutton). The dish is served with thick peanut gravy.

Spicy Potato Samosas
Although Samosa is a traditional Indian snack, this savory pastry stuffed with spicy potatoes is a favourite of Singapore. Instead of the traditional handmade flaky dough, the Singaporean Chinese cooks specially prepare this recipe with crispy spring roll wrappers.

These are a few of those eatery varieties available in Singapore. Moreover, many people all over the globe are turning vegetarian for a healthier life-style, so there are many vegetarian eating joints being developed in Singapore. The Singapore Vegetarian Society offers a list of the vegetarian-food outlets in the island. If you a food junkie then it is the best place to come as it offers you endless options and variety in food.

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