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Around Singapore > Historical places in Singapore

Historical places in Singapore


Pronounced as ‘chimes’, CHIJMES is categorized as a national heritage site. Earlier it was known for being one of those cloistered convents in the world. The gothic architecture of the building is a treat for those who love photography. Moreover, CHIJMES HALL is a good place for musicals, and other such performances.

Fort Siloso

During the time of British colonization in the 1870s, it was decided to develop forts to check invaders. Fort Siloso is the first such fort, situated at the western end of an island; now known as the famous Sentosa. It is the only restored coastal fort that reminds of the grand colonial past of Singapore and the war period.

Johore Battery

A gun replacement site, Johore Battery was built by the British in the year 1939 in order to defend Singapore. It is a labyrinth of tunnels which was utilized in storing the ammunition to support the largest and most powerful guns. After the war these tunnels were secretly sealed until they were rediscovered by the Singapore Prisons Department in 1991. Visitors can see a replica of those giant guns which is kept in Jahore Battery.

Kranji War Memorial

Many men from Australia, Britain, Canada, India, Malaya, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Sri Lanka sacrificed their lives during the World War II. Kranji War Memorial has been made in Singapore to honour those brave men.

At the Kranji War Cemetery, there are 4,000 graves of those servicemen who died during the Japanese Occupation stand. The first two presidents of Singapore are also buried at the same ground area.

Civilian War Memorial

Also known as the "chopsticks", this structure was built to honour the civilians killed during the Japanese Occupation. The four white pillars measure 10 metres in height and symbolise the Chinese, Eurasians, Indians and Malays who died in the war. A memorial service is held at this site on 15 February every year to commemorate the Anniversary of the Fall of Singapore to the Japanese in 1942.

Battle Box

During the World War II, Battle Box was the largest underground command centre of the British Malaya Command Headquarters. Located at the hillside of Fort Canning, this bomb-proof complex has 22 rooms, linked by a corridor. The best part of this centre is that it can recycle its air supply. How Singapore fell to Japanese on 15th February 1942 can be best relived through the special audio-visual effects and high-quality animatronics.

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